The Jukebox Sweethearts

Nicola's Postmodern Jukebox trio perform at corporate events, parties, hotels and weddings, as well as doing Guest Act work. Three classy ladies, dressed in silk, satin and sequins - always! 

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Kylie On Show

Nicola is one of two Minoguettes, performing as a backing vocalist and dancer for 'Kylie' in 'Kylie On Show', a UK leading Kylie Minogue tribute act, performing at a variety of different events, parties, festivals and theatres.

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The Jivettes

The Jivettes a vintage girl trio that perform rock'n'roll classics up and down the country, as well as throughout Europe, with tight harmonies and choreography throughout.

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80's On Show

80's On Show is a girl female duo performing classic 80's disco hits, with excellent vocals, authentic choreography and costumes. 

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Nicola & Jason

Nicola & Jason are a duo that perform at weddings, corporate events, hotels, restaurants and pubs. Nicola sings with the accompaniment of Jason Kavanagh, a talented guitarist with a Masters in Music. Their favourite style is jazz/blues, but they are versatile and can cater to what the client requests.

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Soul Medley

Soul Medley are a female duo that also perform at weddings, corporate events, hotels, restaurants and pubs. Nicola and Jess sing covers all the classics, from country and motown to jazz.

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